The H2Gro effect: see the difference


Improve water management and nutrient uptake

H2Gro is designed to eliminate dry patches in pots and containers in plant beds. H2Gro wetting and conservation agent's unique 3-in-1 action aids with:

    1. Wetting up: untreated water can pool on or even flush off the surface, because it cannot penetrate dry growing media. H2Gro allows water to quickly penetrate even into water-repellent, hydrophobic areas.
    2. Spreading and draining: water treated with H2Gro spreads evenly into the entire growing medium in pots and containers, resulting in better nutrient uptake and a larger area for the plant’s roots to grow into. Excess water drains away easily, giving healthy roots and a stronger plant.
    3. Re-wetting: Untreated growing media can dry out quicker, which can cause irrigation to leak away. H2Gro’s re-wetting effect is long-lasting: it optimizes moisture retention in the growing medium for a longer period of time and through numerous re-wetting cycles.

How Arden Lea Nurseries saves on labour, water and feed costs with H2Gro

David Golding (right), Arden Lea Nurseries, Hesketh Bank, UK “Before using H2Gro it could prove challenging to keep the coir sufficiently wet, whereas now we can water less frequently. We water everything by hand and, being heavily reliant on soluble feeds, tend to feed most of the time. H2Gro has significantly reduced our watering man-hours and resulted in less water and, more importantly, less feed being used." Read more

Improving water uptake in dry substrate

Martin & Christian Häussermann, Häussermann Stauden+Gehölze, Möglingen, Germany "We grow a wide variety of perennials and woody ornamentals. We have always had some substantial issues with water uptake in dry substrate. With the application of H2Gro wetting agent we have made irrigation a lot easier. Simultaneously, we are noticing better and more even water distribution in our entire plant stock." Read more